Monkey Brand Black Tooth Powder

Ayurvedic Medicine for Complete Oral Health.


Available in
200 gms, 100 gms, 50 gms and 30 gms

Known by various regional names within the length and breadth of India, this dentifrice is one of the oldest surviving brands in the world.

A medley of ayurvedic essential oils and ingredients is mixed in finely-ground wood charcoal to produce a product with holistic dental care abilities. Finely ground wood charcoal, being an organic bleach, is a gentle and natural stain-remover, while the natural herbs and oils promote the health of the softer gum tissue.

Regular users of tobacco-based products will notice a marked difference upon a few applications of this product.

Use the product at  least every alternate day, in addition to your normal brush/floss routine to experience best effects.

We recommend you use the product as follows.

  1. Pour out a little product (say 2 gms) into a shallow dish, or the palm of the left hand
  2. Moisten the second finger of the right hand – the longest finger, for maximum reach
  3. Dip your finger into the powder and rub gently over teeth and gums. Do not neglect the gums, which is where most periodontal diseases start. Though some people use the product with a toothbrush, the most efficient use is by gently rubbing the product over the surfaces of the oral cavity
  4. You will find the astringent action begin to work almost immediately. After about 2 min, rinse your mouth thoroughly
  5. Floss to remove any minute pieces that may have lodged at the gum line.
  6. Rinse your mouth again

Pundinah ka Phool, Ajwan ka Phool, Lavang ka Phool, Kapur, Saurashtri, Haritaki, Nilgiri ka Tel, Sangjira, Wood Charcoal

100% Ayurvedic and free from fluoride, artificial colors, artificial flavor and saccharin, an artificial sweetener.